Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wedddinnngg plaannzzz!!!

I'm engaggeddd :)
To the most wonderful, dashing man around.

(pardon the terrible quality of the picture haha, I used photobooth to take that picture of a picture)

Valentines night, after we went to dinner, he said he had a present for me.
We went to go look at the stars in this big open space and he pulled out this wonderful painting and gave it to me. As I began looking at it I noticed a stick figure couple on top of a building with the man proposing to the girl, at which point he then got down on one knee :)
He's so sweeeeeeet

We're planning on getting married mid-July sometime. 
Ohhh lovvvvve

Friday, February 13, 2009

I has a neeeeew blogggggogogoggg

I once had a blog,
make that TWO blogs....
And with both of them, I failed miserably at keeping up with them.
Plan C: A Blog for whatevvvverrrrs I wannnnt.
I try to be too too organized, so this one..will not be.
Who knows if I ever even write in it agaiiiinnnnnnn.

So today I finnnaallly finished Stephens present!!
I shall post a picture sometime..

Stephen and I are visiting his old homestead for the weekend,
I'm super pumped for tomorrow. vvaallleenntinezzz dayyy. 
It's a silly holiday, buy I'm still pumped!
I have no clue what we'll do, but I'm super stoked to spend the day making everything and adventure.

Happy Valentines Day World!
You are sooo soooooo loved :)